Firewalking is offered in two settings, congregationally and through retreat weekends.   Firewalking in the Congregation consists of three ten session program, each two hours long,  Firewalking retreats offer an intensive, condensed experience that requires further work be done in on-line accountability and witnessing groups.  Both methods cover the same content.

Firewalking is designed to be affordable. Therefore, no one is asked to purchase any materials (other than a journal or notebook for journaling) in order to participate in the program.  For those interested in recommended reading see Recommended (non-required) Reading List.

Firewalking owes huge debts of gratitude to four other spiritual formation programs in terms of general approach and method as well as bits of content, and in the case of one, the Firewalking name itself.  These programs are:

Wellspring – Developed as a spiritual deepening experience for Unitarian Unviersalists at the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY by Rev. Jen Crow, Wellspring was the ground breaking spirituality program that has helped refocus Unitarian Universalism in spiritual development and reawakened Unitarian Universalists to formation programming and the importance of spiritual direction as well as intentionally connecting faith and action.

Faith Walking – This program was developed by folks at Mission Houston, especially Jim Herrington and Ken Shuman.  and is an intensive retreat experience that helps to focus participants in living lives of integrity, walking the talk, and putting their faith and values into practice.  It is a specifically Christian program, but a number of Unitarian Universalists have been through the program and report nothing short of transformation.

HeartPaths – This training program for spiritual directors developed by Rev. Dr. Bob Gardenhire is based in OklahomaCity and Dallas and can boast a handful of Unitarian Universalists graduates.  It is three year program that prepares people to walk with others as guides on the spiritual journey.  Their curriculum includes experiences a variety of prayer (spiritual practices), a one-year experience of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, and a year of supervised practice of spiritual direction.

Courage and Renewal – This retreat program is based on the work of Parker Palmer and seeks to “create a more just, compassionate and healthy world by nurturing personal and professional integrity and the courage to act on it”


Click on each session for details, topics, resources and reflection questions.

About Spiritual Direction

Recommended Non-Required Reading

Session 1 – Methodology and Goals

Session 2 – Spiritual Practice

Session 3 – Contemplation and Prayer

Session 4 – Self Possession

Session 5 – Wellness

Session 6 –  Forgiveness

Session 7 – Discernment

Session 8 – Unitarian Universalism

Session 9 – Integrity

Session 10 – Calling, Vocation, and Mission

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