Please use the form below to register for Firewalking.

Before registering please read the registration agreement carefully.  In addition to the online registration, you will be asked to fill out a hard copy of the registration form with your signature at the first session.   Registering for Firewalking assumes you have read and agree with the registration agreement.


Firewalking Registration Agreement:

I understand Firewalking will meet 10 times between September 2014 and June 2015.

I understand regular attendance is important to receiving the greatest benefit from the program and that my attendance affects not only my experience, but that of everyone else in the group.


I understand that Firewalking will be a more transformative experience if I meet with a spiritual director on a regular basis (no less than monthly).  I understand that Firewalking has provided a list of spiritual directors who are Unitarian Universalists or comfortable working with UU’s and understanding of the UU religious approach.


I have read the outline of the Firewalking Curriculum online at   and I understand that Firewalking requires regular daily spiritual practice,  a small amount of required study involving readings, videos and audio presentations, as well as  personal journaling.   Although facilitators will most required study materials available online via downloads and links, I understand that I am responsible for buying, borrowing, or finding copies of study resources.

I understand that regular (at least monthly) meeting with a spiritual director is a required expectation for Wellsprings participants. I understand that Spiritual Directors expect to be paid for spiritual direction and that it is my responsibility to pay the spiritual director.  I also understand that it is my responsibility to find a spiritual director, although Pathways’ Wellspring program will assist in providing a list of directors and in helping make connections with directors.

I understand Firewalking sessions are two-hours long.

Understanding the above, I wish to make a commitment to Firewalking:


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