Session 10 – Calling, Vocation, and Mission

Session 10 – Calling, Vocation, and Mission


Topics:  Calling, Mission, The Answer to How is Yes, The Golden Circle


Stanley Stanley the Very Fine Squirrel based on a children’s book by Matthew Tittle  pdf

The Place God Calls You To

Simon Sinek Golden Circle video:




Love the Hell Out of the World sermon by Rev. Dawn Cooley


Missional Church video



Loving the Hell Out of the World video:



Summary of “The Answer to How is Yes”


Reflection Questions for Journaling:


  • What are my “How?” obstacles.  Why do I use them?
  • How might I better answer “YES!”
  • How do I feel about my own personal What? How? and Why?  Can I articulate them?
  • Do I make drill bits or holes?
  • How is my life and my religious life missional?
  • Why am I?
  • What breaks my hearts?
  • How do I love the hell out of the world?
  • Where do my deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet?
  • How have I been transformed by Firewalking?  Is the transformation what I thought it would be?

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