Session 2 – Spiritual Practice

Session 2 – Spiritual Practice

Click on the resources to access the resource.  Links will either take you to a video or something to read online or enable you to download handouts or readings.  Congregational participants should read or view all resources before the session for which they are listed and respond to the reflection questions in a journal which they should bring with them.  Retreat participants will cover all the resource material through presentations at the retreat, but will also engage the reflection questions in regular online witnessing groups with a facilitator.


Defining Spiritual Practices, Obedience and Commitment to Practice, Mastery


Obedience to Spiritual Practice in Firewalking

“Spiritual Practice” by Maggie Lyon

Summary of Concepts from “Mastery” by George Leonard

Resistance, The Dragon that Guards the Treasure by Tony Lorenzen


Reflection Questions for Journaling:

  • What is my Spiritual Commitment Pledge (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)?
  • How do I feel about committing to a life of spiritual practice?
  • What’s my reaction to the term obedience and the idea of being “obedient” to a spiritual practice?
  • Why might I be resistant to being obedient to my practice?
  • How do I feel about the concept of Mastery?
  • How do I feel about the keys of mastery?
  • What tools for mastery do I have?
  • What character traits do I have that oppose Mastery?
  • How much of a dabbler am I? How much of an Obsessive? How much of a Hacker?
  • How might George Leonard’s thoughts on Mastery help me to remain obedient to my practice(s)?
  • How do I experience resistance?

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