Session 4 – Self Awareness

Session 4 – Self Awareness

Click on the resources to access the resource.  Links will either take you to a video or something to read online or enable you to download handouts or readings.  Congregational participants should read or view all resources before the session for which they are listed and respond to the reflection questions in a journal which they should bring with them.  Retreat participants will cover all the resource material through presentations at the retreat, but will also engage the reflection questions in regular online witnessing groups with a facilitator.  Remember to use the reflection questions as prompts for writing in your journal.

Topics:  Family Systems, Self Differentiation, Family of Origin, Family of Choice, Shame, False Self and Real/True Self, Self-Talk,  Johari Window, Humility, Spiritual Freedom, Being fully human.


A Brief Introduction to Bowen Family Systems Theory by Patricia Comella 

8 Concepts of Bowen Family Systems Theory

Intro to Bowen Family Systems (video)

 Family of Origin 

 Family of Choice (video) 

False self – Real Self

Nature of the Authentic Self

Five Elements of a False Self

Johari Window and Shoebox

Brene Brown Ted Talk “Listening to  Shame” 

Brene Brown Ted Talk “The Power of Vulnerability”

Guilt and Shame

Self Talk: Learning to be Your Own Best Friend 

Spiritual Freedom and Being Spiritually Alive

On Being Fully Human

Consumer or Citizen by Hildy Gottlieb 


Reflection Questions for Journaling:

  • What emotional “baggage” and emotional “keepsakes” do I carry from the Family of Origin?
  • Shoebox project – What did I learn about myself from the Johari Shoebox project?
  • Self Talk Worksheet.  What patterns do I notice in my self-talk?
  • How do I feel about how my family system has formed my spirit?
  • How does my family of choice influence my spirit?
  • How have I operated out of my false self?
  • What’s my experience of my true self?
  • How do I feel about being Vulnerable?
  • How has shame affected my sense of myself and my spirit?
  • How do I experience being spiritually alive?

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